Tuesday, September 18

Tightly Wrapped Package With James Deen & Trina Michaels

This is 4 of 4 from the July live show. Trina's curvy body is first belted tightly, then wrapped in clear wrap, and then black wrapped. All that is exposed are her eyes, feet and mouth hole. Her breath is constricted with the many layers. Her body quickly perspires and she is planted on the ground. Trina's big wet titties are pulled out and slathered with the special sauce. Then her face is revealed to become a sitting place for Princess Donna's pussy. The perfect use for a face.

Monday, August 6

Trina Michaels Gets Pumped With Tommy Gunn's Massive Cock

Tommy Gunn is a real "go getter", and when he notices Trina Michaels on the sofa touching herself, he figures, why the hell not! He goes over and gets right down to business licking that sweet cunt. Lucky for him she's very receptive and ends up taking his cock down her throat! He flips her over and crams his wang right up her sweet cunt before unloading his balls all over her face and tits!

Monday, July 16

Trina Michaels Takes It Straight Up The Ass

Trina is an amazing and stunning girl with a gorgeous body, a naughty personality, and the biggest desire ever to have sex on camera. She gets turned on when someone is watching and you can tell this right from the start. Trina kneels down, takes the cock in her mouth, and gives it a slow and deep blowjob. Then, she turns around and welcomes the male pride deep inside her ripe pussy. Trina moans and screams with every powerful thrust and soon explodes in a massive orgasm.

Tuesday, June 26

Busty Babe Trina Michaels Shows Us Her Pussy

Busty babe Trina Michaels looking hot in her yellow dress, gets naked and shows us her shaved box while spreading her legs on the sofa. More pictures at Glamour Models Gone Bad

Tuesday, May 15

Trina Michaels Gives A Blowjob And Wears A Facial

Trina Michaels is back on camera to give everything she's got to Tommy Gunn's big gun in this 6 minute blowjob scene. He molests her big breasts while she kneels down in her pantyhose to choke on that big rod and show us all what she can do with her tongue. Her lips look fucking SEXY in this one wrapped around that rod in a tight-lipped blow, and that's before those lips are covered in cumshot!

Monday, March 26

Trina Michaels Interracial Blowbang

In college I read up on the history of the oppression the black man has faced. I wrote a paper on how I'd level the playing field. However, I didn't write about how I'd wear barely a stitch of clothing or how I'd have my firm ass covered by dental floss. As I paraded myself around the mean streets of L.A I was imagining all the dirty things I could do with some black meat in my stable. I knew my body would never be the same since my tight little pussy has only been used for tiny white dicks. It would be like using a jackhammer to open up a walnut but I was looking forward to the mayhem I knew I had coming. I took a little time getting acquainted with those strong, sexy black guys. I wanted to get in their heads as I was about to rock their oppressed world. It's a good thing I have strong legs because I was able to keep a squating balance as my face was constantly housing big black dicks. My face was slapped with black cock and no set of firm black balls were off limits. The juices flowing from my pussy told me that I had to take in over 3 yards of black dick until I couldn't take it anymore. I like to think I'm the best at draining black dick but you tell me.

Tuesday, January 9